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History Of Castle Stein

History Of Castle Stein

$ 197.00

The full-wrap image is framed with a series of raised porcelain and hand painted gold-leaf bands. The title of the original painting as well as a reproduction of Mort Künstler's signature are permanently fired near the base of the stein. A Lithophane (see-through) picture of General Jackson appears in the stein's base and is revealed when one holds the stein to the light and looks through it. The heavy cast and antiqued ornamental pewter lid is decorated with embossed stars, cannon balls, swords, and US and CS symbols. A pewter artillery cannon figurine is mounted on the lid. This is a limited edition of only 2,000 pieces. Each stein is registered and individually numbered. The painting featured on this stein is the same as item 4271: Jackson's Headquarters, Winchester, Virginia, Winter 1862. Mary Anna joined her husband, General Jackson, for the winter & the couple stayed a few doors from Jackson's Headquarters. Mary Anna Jackson often brought the General his supper in a basket when duty kept him. The painting depicts Jackson's entourage waiting while he & Mary Anna say some parting words in private.

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